10 Steps I Use To Recruit High-Paying Clients Without Doing Any Selling

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Hey, thanks for coming through to read this post. My intention is to help you have a BAM!!! Moment which is like a ‘Aha’ realisation! I’m going to reveal how I generate high targeted leads for my business then turn them into paying clients When I say High Targeted leads, what I mean by this…

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Which Has More Value “Likes V’s Leads” to Growing Your Business On Facebook?

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When Growing Your Business On Facebook, Are You Focusing On Likes V’s Leads? More & more entrepreneurs, businesses are realising the need to be marketing their business on Facebook than ever!! I guess it’s kinda expected now… You’re in business, so you are expected to have Business Cards, Website, & a Facebook business page [Fanpage…

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Facebook Marketing Competition That Crushes It For Local Businesses…

Facebook Marketing Casestudy Success

Access to the mind map video & pdf document [CLICK HERE] Below are the screen shots from the video so you can see them more clearly. Growth Chart From FB Insight My intention is for you to understand that you don’t need 10′s of 1000′s of Facebook Fans on your business page to produce results.…

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What’s Stopping You From Moving Forwards?

Setting goals for your business

I hope you enjoyed watching my latest video? From working with lots of private clients over the last few years, there’s a common problem that keeps popping up, & to be honest it’s quite ugly… FEAR – FEAR – FEAR!!! FEAR holds us all back from achieving the ULTIMATE SUCCESS!! I hope this video helped…

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Why #Fanpage Friday Isn’t Doing Your Business Any Favours?

Does #FanpageFriday work?

What do you think? Am I on the right wave length with my thinking or am I miss understanding the point? Please feel free to comment below I would be interested to know  opinion on the subject? What You Like To Step-it-Up & Start Producing Your Own Results? Click the link  below to schedule a…

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5 Facebook Marketing Tips to Help You Get MORE Clients

5 Facebook Marketing Success tips

In this video I want to share with you 5 facebook marketing tips to help you get MORE clients…  How does that sound? My purpose is to guide you down the right road to produce more results which will help you cut down your learning curve to success… When you understand how munch time &…

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Are The Like’s On Your Page Real or Fake?

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In this video I want to talk about company’s going around Facebook promising you that they can get you REAL LIKE’S on your Facebook Business Page…. Please watch this video and DON’T BE SCAMMED!! If you want to build authority in your niche, attract businesses toward your services then learn some real Facebook Marketing tips…

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Cutting Through The Clutter Using The 3 E’s!!

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In this video I talk about how to Cut Through The Clutter using THE 3E’s. What I mean by that is: It’s a busy, noisy, world out there full of people, businesses ALL trying to get heard. ALL trying to tell their story, push their products & services… So my question to you, is, “Are…

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Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Hey hey everyone, I’d like to thank you for coming through & taking the time to read this blog post. I’m guessing by you being here you’re want to cut down the time it takes to produce the results you desire for your business through marketing on Facebook, Right!?…

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Will People Buy On Facebook?

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Will People Buy On Facebook? A few weeks ago I heard a little phrase that really got me to think!! “People Don’t Go On Facebook To Buy However, When People Are On Facebook They Buy” The word BUY may not always be in the form of a cash payment transactional sense. It may mean they…

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